Our Mission

To bring wisdom in the life of the widows and to work for changing their stories from failure to success.

Our Program

We help widow women recover from the death of their spouse and rebuild healthy lives.

Support System

We contact people to build the strongest support system for these ladies and their families.

Be A Volunteer

Volunteer to help the widow women to relive their lives and make the essential resources available.

About Us

Vidhva works to create a strong network of widows and the people who are willing to help them and to provide the best possible amenities to them for their survival and growth. We open the door to a new life for the widows, ensuring they do not go through this drastic experience alone, but with our life long support.

Ups and downs are normal, and it’s impossible to feel positive constantly. Sometimes the widows feel so aggrieved that they even want to end their lives. We are just trying to keep them happy and safe and let them come out of their negativities and once again experience happiness in their lives.


We are launching multiple events, time by time to collect the most suitable resources for helping the widow community.

Catering Household Needs

We arrange an ample fund for dealing with the household grocery needs of hundreds of women so that they can fulfill their basic food needs.

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Child Education Funding

Our NGO has arranged funds for the educational needs of the children of the widow women so that their growth leads to a better life for them.

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Self Employment Funding

We have arranged a sustainable amount of loans for the widows for starting small businesses like beauty parlour, dress stitching, etc.

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Our Gallery

Enter to our world of Happiness, Care & Affection and see the smiling faces of painful hearts.
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Our Events

We have organized many events designed to provide education, peer support, and professional resources to forgotten females.

Pellentesque Adipiscing Commodo Elit.

May 15, 2019 - Centre, New York

Grief to Growth

May 22, 2019 - Centre, New York Read More

Encouraging Each Other

June 10, 2019 - La Viste, Marseille Read More

Become A Volunteer

Become a part of our Campaign of bringing happiness in the lives of widows and to give them a reason to start dreaming once again for a brighter future.

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